The New Synagogue of Long Island
The Synagogue for Spiritual Judaism

Statement of Principles

1. We affirm the beauty, value and the significance of the Jewish faith as the primary source of our spiritual teachings.

2. We believe that, from the beginning, the Jewish faith has evolved to meet changing historical conditions.

3. We believe in the One God of all humanity.

4. We believe that meditation, inward spiritual seeking and song are instruments of attuning to the Divine Presence that is at the very core of our human nature.

5. We emphasize affirmative power rather than petitionary prayer.

6. We believe that new and renewed forms of individual and communal prayer such as meditations, visualizations, affirmations and music can enhance the real purpose of the prayer experience.

7. We hold that one of the most important purposes of religion is healing.

8. We affirm that each human being is part of this healing process, called in the tradition Tikkun Olam - the healing of the worlds.

9. We affirm the extraordinary rich teachings of the Jewish faith as, for us, the most important aspect of Judaism.

10. We believe that a Judaism that emphasizes the spiritual facet of our faith is an authentic Jewish expression that has its roots in the Bible.

11. The closer contact that exists today among the diverse ethnic, cultural, racial, and religious groups of humanity leads us to a deeper sense of the oneness of humanity.

12. Spiritual Judaism is a nondogmatic, nonlegalistic liberal spiritual path that welcomes all people who seek to attune to the presence of God in their lives as the source of health, abundance, joy, love and wholeness.